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Company Profile

ANPS was established on Nov 15th . 1993. Through the decade examination in the market, ANPS serial products have created a extremely good achievement. According to serve the fast increasing customers, we have not only extend the organization to a structure with hundred talent, but also established several service centers in China and Asia area. Then we can provide the fastest and most professional service to our customers in the competitive PCB market.

In order to keep taking the lead in testing technology field, we have successfully integrated the complete test system, include the software program for all testing procedure, and many models of high level test equipment. We are the only original company who own the R&D and manufacturing ability in all serial of testing equipment in the world.

In view of the solid technical ability, we know how to strengthen our competitive quality and cost for our customers.

Because of the fast inventing ability, we cooperate with the customer to need for new technology PCB test before delivery.

In July 1998, we established our overseas representative in Shenzhen, and then Shanghai, currently we are intended to set up other representatives in other religions as well.

In order to improve our ANPS9000 series products' competitiveness in international market and we assume if you are looking for the reliable and outstanding performance product, ANPS will definitely satisfy you.

Creative, Professional, Service

We believe that you know this fact more than we do, only the products with continuously development and high quality of services, could improve your business competitiveness, and increase your company's profit as well.

Below are All New Point System Co., Ltd. and representatives' mailing addresses: 

All New Point System Co., Ltd. (Head Office)
3F-8, No.6, Lane 609 Sec 5, Chongsin Rd, Sanchong District, New Taipei City 241, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-22783176

All New Point System Co., Ltd (Branch Office)
605, Floor 6, Block B, Jialingyu Industry and Trade Building, Dabu North Road, Houting Community, Shajing Subdistrict, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong Province, China
Tel: 86-755-33802999

All New Point System Co., Ltd (Shanghai branch)
Tel: 86-755-33802999

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