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Professional test point extraction system for total solution system
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Product Profile

Humanity operation interface let you feel good with learning and using in the same time.
Compatibility with all universal testers, dedicated testers and flying probe testers.
High efficiency and high accuracy in extracting net.
You can find all solution in here.


Auto estimate each aperture file and gerver file, could input gerber files with 999 layers and 2000 aperture files.
After read files, you can modify by scale or graphic, you don't need to quit and read again.
Setup file name and polarity fastly.
Support polygon and custom figure in converting trace to pads.
You can use multi methods to check test points, plus points and delete points in one time.
TURBO graphic scan engine, increase ten times efficiency in net analyst.
Copy net data in Multi panels, save time.
Surport testing data format of several different brand of Flying-Probe PROBOT, ATG, EMMA and FUJITSU

Operation View

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