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Servo-Motor Driven & Upper Pin Base Auto Flip-Up O/S Tester !

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ANPS-3 Universal Tester Specification

 Equipment Specification

Pin Base Density:

75 mil (Double Density)

Pin Base Size:

1) 12.8" ×   9.6"

2) 14.4" × 11.2"

3) 16"    × 12.8"



Testing Points

49,152 98,304 Points

Pin Base Density:

50 mil (Quadruple Density)

Pin Base Size

1)   9.6" × 6.4"   

  4) 12.8 × 9.6"   

2)   9.6" × 8.0"

  5) 14.4 × 11.2"

3) 12.8" × 6.4"

  6) 16 × 12.8"


40mil- 9.6 × 8.0"   



Testing Points

49,152 163,840 Points

Test Specification

Continuity Resistance

10Ω ∼ 50KΩ

Insulation Resistance

100KΩ ∼20MΩ(100MΩ Ootion)

Test Speed

8000 Points/Sec (Test Conditions:50Ω.10MΩ.250V)

Testing Voltage

15V 250V (300V Option)

Testing Current


Working Environment

Power Supply

AC220 / 380V ± 10%; 50/60Hz(3ø)

AC110 / 220V ± 10%; 60/50Hz(1ø)

Power Model

Servo PLC Control

Working Temperature

20 25

Working Humidity

40 % 60 %(Without vapor condensed)


49152 ∼ 98304Points

1285(L)x 2150(W) x 1930(H)mm (H: 2100mm -Included upper flip cover)

131072 ∼ 16384Points

2200(L)x 2360(W)x 2200(H)mm(H: 2500mm -Included upper flip cover)

Dimension( AUTO):

49152 ∼ 98304Points

3140(L) x 2150(W) x 1930(H)mm (H: 2100mm -Included upper flip cover)

131072 ∼ 16384Points

3750(L)x2360(W)x 2200(H)mm (H: 2500mm -Included upper flip cover)

Hardware and Software System Requirement

Operation System



Barcode Printer


LCD Monitor

Optional Accessories

a) 4-Wires Continuity Option:0.1Ω (equals 3000 sets)


c) Embedded Resistance 1Ω~100KΩ

d) ANPS-3 Auto ARM-Type Structure Specification

PCB Size (Min)

60 x 60 x 0.5 mm

PCB Size (Max)

430 x 360 x 3.0 mm

PCB Weight (Max)

1.2kg / pcs

E-Test Speed(Testing time excluded)

5 sec / 1 pcs

Loading Quantity

250 pieces (Thickness of PCB 1.6mm, Max 80kg)

Unloading Quantity (Pass)

160 pieces (Thickness of PCB 1.6mm, Max 80kg)

Unloading Quantity (Fail)

160 pieces (Thickness of PCB 1.6mm, Max 80kg)




Signature of ANPS-3A Universal Tester


PCB tester for vehicle application, high multi-layer & thin circuit line PCB.

Continuity spec. accomplish 0.1Ω for vehicle-using PCB.

Embedded resistor test.

4-Wires test for 120 test point/0.01Ω.

Quadruple density satisfies the requirement for more precise test.


The mechanism features of PCB automatic assembly.

Robot arm design, working for all kinds of PCB.

Succinct and precise mechanism design, easy fixture setting up.

Intelligent intersectional stocking increase the counting efficiency.


Shorten testing time, increase efficiency and lower test-error.

Software and hardware is specially designed to shorten testing time.

At the same time, the actually resistance will also be shown out.

Designed in graphical oriented; let you find any point faster and easier.

Check any problematic problem directly on the monitor.

Equipped with function of editing multiple pieces.


Let E-testing department go online.

Work in Windows operating system.



Easier to organize reports.

Every report can be edited and viewed using MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.



Tester is integrated with repair station.

Print out the report in bar-code mode.

Increase your testing department's efficiency, and shorten testing time.



User-friendly environment

Can edit function buttons, support multiple users environment setting.

Multiple users management with password protection.

Online tutorial.


High technology working environment.

Prepared for the future; internet, intranet, B2B and ERP.


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