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ANPS-1B / 1G

Achieve 1mΩ Circuit Resistance Continuity Test !

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ANPS-1B / 1G 4W Milli-Resistance Tester Specification

Equipment Specification

Pin Base Sizing:

600 X 500mm (1B)508 X 381mm (1G)

Testing Points


Testing Time:

8000 Points/Sec(2W)、1500Nets/Sec(4W)

Tester Specification

2W Continuity Resistance

10Ω ∼ 50KΩ

4W Continuity Resistance

1mΩ ∼ 100Ω

Insulation Resistance

00KΩ ∼ 20MΩ(100MΩ Option)

Embedded Resistance


Embedded Capacitor


Speceal test function:


Panel Fail LED Light display

Testing Voltage

15V 250V (300V Option)

Testing Current


Working Environment

Power Supply:

AC110/220V ± 10%; 60/ 50Hz(1ø)

Air Supply:

6 ∼ 8 kgs / Cm

Working Temperature:

20 ℃ ∼ 25 ℃

Working Humidity:

40 % ∼ 60 %(Without vapor condensed)


1235 (L) x 1035 (W) x 1910 (H)mm (1B)

1700 (L) x 856 (W) x 1620 (H)mm (1G)

Hardware and Software System Requirement

Operation System



Barcode Printer


LCD Monitor



Signature ANPS-1B/1G 4W Milli-Resistance Tester


The world highest level of PCB 4-Wires O/S mΩ tester.

Special for vehicle application PCB, HDI with Multi-layer PCB and thin-circuit line PCB.

Continuity test spec. can reach up to 1.

Option choice of 250v for isolation test.

4-Wires design which can effectively solve the influence under contact resistance.


Strengthen test accuracy and avoid any test missing.

Net list data comparison.

Equipped with function of editing multiple pieces

Dynamic test point on / off detector, PCB placing error detecting.


Shorten testing time, increase efficiency and lower test-error.

Software and hardware is specially designed to shorten testing time.

At the same time, the actually resistance will also be shown out.

Designed in graphical oriented; let you find any point faster and easier.

Check any problematic problem directly on the monitor.

Equipped with function of editing multiple pieces.


Let E-testing department go online.

Work in Windows operating system.


Easier to organize reports.

Every report can be edited and viewed using MS-Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Tester is integrated with repair station.

Print out the report in bar-code mode.

Increase your testing department's efficiency, and shorten testing time.


User-friendly environment

Can edit function buttons, support multiple users environment setting.

Multiple users management with password protection.

Online tutorial.


High technology working environment.

Prepared for the future; internet, intranet, B2B and ERP.


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